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Tooth decay is often caused by cavities that are the result of a variety of factors including bacteria found in your mouth, consuming treats or beverages that are high in sugar, and an inadequate oral hygiene routine. Cavities that lead to tooth decay is a common issue that patients often experience, and if it is not treated correctly it could lead to greater issues such as severe toothaches, infections, and the loss of one or more teeth. With frequent dental visits and an adequate oral hygiene routine, cavities and tooth decay can be prevented. However, if your teeth have decayed to a point where dental intervention is required, or your teeth have been weakened or worn out due to prior dental work and restorations, then our Nepean dentist Dr. Janet S. Leith has the solution for you. Here at the Dental Health Practice on Merivale in Nepean, Ontario, we recommend porcelain inlays and onlays to strengthen and repair your damaged teeth. In contrast to dental crowns that are designed to cover your damaged tooth in its entirety, porcelain inlays and onlays are designed to cover a focused section of the tooth.

The process to create a porcelain inlay or onlay are relatively similar, the only difference is that inlays are designed to cover the groves inside the tooth, while onlays are designed to repair a tooth that has sustained more extensive damage and cover the entire cusp of the tooth. Once our Nepean dentist has determined if an inlay or onlay is to be used, they will numb the affected area with an anesthetic, and proceed with excavating the tooth for cavities and decayed material. When the process is complete a temporary inlay or onlay is placed until the permanent one is ready.

If you are interested in a porcelain inlay or onlay, contact your Nepean dentist, Dr. Janet S. Leith to make an appointment today.

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