Bonded Fillings in Nepean

If you live in the southern Ottawa region around Nepean, Ontario, and you are suffering from dental or oral issues such as cavities, then here at the Dental Health Practice on Merivale, our Nepean dentist has the adequate solution for you. Dr. Janet S. Leith offers patients in Nepean and the surrounding community, bonded fillings as a way to treat various dental or oral problems including dental cavities, decayed teeth, cracked teeth, and gaps between the teeth. Using metal based fillings like amalgam fillings are things of the past now that dental technology has evolved.

Here at our Dental Health Practice office in Nepean, we construct high quality bonded fillings composed of a resin that bonds directly with your teeth. Our bonded fillings also match the colour of your teeth, making it more aesthetically pleasing as opposed to metal fillings that negatively stand out. The composite resin that our Nepean dentist use are highly durable and mouldable, making it the ideal substance to be applied to your teeth. Compared to traditional metal fillings, the composite resin that makes up our bonded fillings is indistinguishable from your regular teeth. The material is designed to mimic not only the colour of your teeth, but also its natural shade and texture when applied.

If you are concerned about this cosmetic dental procedure, fear not because bonded fillings are not time consuming, and offer long lasting results. Dr. Janet and her team of Nepean dentists will help you with all your dental and oral issues. Bonded fillings can be applied to your teeth in a single appointment, giving you more time to do what you love. When you spend valuable time with your family, you can flash your bright new smile. If you’re looking for professional and aesthetic results, contactDr. Janet S. Leith in Nepean, Ontario today.

Bonded Fillings in Napean Nepean Dentist

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