Amalgam-Free Dentistry in Nepean

If you are looking for a tooth coloured filling to cover a tooth that is riddled with cavities, as opposed to the conventional metal fillings that often stand out negatively, then you need not look any further. If you live in the southern Ottawa region in Nepean, Ontario then head over to the Dental Health Practice on Merivale. Our Nepean dentists can provide you with amalgam-free fillings that are the right fit for you. Free yourself from using metal fillings that are non aesthetically pleasing, and switch to fillings that match the natural colour of your teeth. In addition, if you suffer from allergies associated with mercury, or any other kinds of metals used in amalgam based fillings, then metal fillings are not something that you would want to use. Many people prefer amalgam-free fillings, simply because they fit the natural aesthetic of your smile compared to metal fillings that are often coloured differently from the rest of your teeth.

Dr. Janet S. Leith and her team of Nepean dentists, offer a wide selection of amalgam-free dental solutions that include bonded fillings and porcelain crowns (for root canals and even dental implants). Amalgam-free fillings are often made with either a composite material that is made out of a tooth coloured mixture of resin and glass, or glass ionomer which is a material made out of tooth coloured powdered glass. Amalgam-free dental treatments may be preferred over their metal counterparts, even though they both effectively repair cavities, because of its natural appearance.

Whatever your dental or oral needs may be, Dr. Janet S. Leith and our team of dentists in Nepean at the Dental Health Practice, will work with you to ensure that you achieve a bright white smile. Please contact our office in Nepean, Ontario if you are interested in replacing your existing metal fillings with our amalgam-free fillings.

Amalgam-Free Dentistry in Napean, ON Nepean Dentist

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