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It is not enough to simply brush and floss at least twice daily to keep your gums and teeth healthy. It is beneficial to make regular dental visits so that you can adequately preserve the health of your smile. If you live in Nepean, Ontario or the surrounding area, come visit the Dental Health Practice on Merivale, where Dr. Janet S. Leith and her team of Nepean dentists can care for all of your dental and oral needs. If you are not routinely visiting your dentist, you could be putting yourself at risk for various oral health complications, including tooth decay and gum disease.

Visiting your Nepean dentist at the Dental Health Practice is essential if you want to maintain a bright and healthy smile. Dr. Janet and her dental team can examine, prevent, treat, and repair a variety of dental conditions that can harm your teeth and gums. A regular dental visit often consists of two portions, the first of which is a primary examination and the second being a cleaning portion called oral prophylaxis. During the check up or examination portion of the dental visit, our Nepean dentist will periodically use tools like an x ray, to determine if there are any cavities hidden in the crevices of your teeth. During this examination period, the dentist will also thoroughly check your mouth and gums for indications of a clear coloured bacteria called plaque that can harden and become tartar. Regular brushing and flossing will not be able to adequately detect or remove plaque and tartar, making regular visits to the dentist an ideal choice.

Once your teeth, gums, and mouth have been examined, our Nepean dentist will then proceed with the cleaning or oral prophylaxis portion. The dentist will use various tools and procedures to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, which includes a technique scaling to remove plaque and tartar, a paste to polish your teeth, and floss to complete the process.

In addition to oral exams and teeth cleaning, your Nepean dentist, Dr. Janet S. Leith also offers fluoride treatments and non-surgical gum therapy to keep your mouth healthy. Contact our office in Nepean, Ontario to set up a dental examination and oral prophylaxis appointment.

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