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Here at the Dental Health Practice on Merivale, our Nepean dentists strive to preserve your teeth, prior to even considering the possibility of extraction or removal. However under certain circumstances, tooth extraction may be a necessary option. This includes when a tooth is severely decayed to the point in which it can no longer be repaired, the requirement for dentures or dental implants, and when impacted wisdom teeth are cause for concern in regards to the rest of your teeth.

As young adults our third molars or wisdom teeth are the final set of permanent teeth that can appear or erupt in our mouth. For some their wisdom teeth erupt normally in the same way as other permanent teeth do, and for others they are fortunate enough that their wisdom teeth do not develop at all. However for many people they often develop impacted wisdom teeth, which is the result of the tooth not having adequate room to correctly erupt. These impacted wisdom teeth often grow at angles that cause discomfort in the mouth and jaw, as it pushes on the neighbouring tooth causing painful shifts. The benefits associated with the removal of the wisdom teeth include less crowding in the teeth leading to fewer dental issues, the prevention of damage or continual shifting of neighbouring teeth, and the alleviation of pain around the mouth and jaw.

If you suffer from tooth, mouth, or jaw pain come over to the Dental Health Practice, where our Nepean dentist and oral surgeon Dr. Janet S. Leith will examine your mouth to determine if a tooth extraction is necessary, to alleviate the pain you are experiencing. Here at our practice we use only the latest methods and equipment to ensure that you receive high quality dental care. Our team will also ensure that you experience a sense of ease and comfort as you undergo this daunting treatment.

For professional, timely, and friendly service contact Dr. Janet S. Leith and the dental team at the Dental Health Practice in Nepean, Ontario today.

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