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As a child, losing teeth is a common occurrence, that signals that natural process of your permanent teeth taking its place in your mouth. While your initial set of primary teeth are designed to fall out and be replaced, permanent teeth in contrast are not. As an adult, losing your permanent teeth as a result of tooth decay, gum disease, or injury can lead to more serious issues. Here at the Dental Health Practice on Merivale, our Nepean dentists are pleased to help you by providing dental bridges to regain your bright smile.

Dental Bridges are a set of natural looking artificial teeth that are designed to bridge the gap made by the teeth that you have lost between your existing teeth. The dental bridge uses your remaining adjacent teeth for support; called your abutment teeth or anchors, as the false teeth or pontics are placed in the gap and attached to a dental crown. Missing teeth can cause various problems and issues that include difficulty speaking, chewing, or smiling to say the least. In addition, missing teeth weakens your bite and increases the chances of shifting or cracking of the healthy teeth that you have remaining. As such, Dr Janet S. Leith and the Nepean dentists here at the Dental Health Practice on Merivale, highly recommend that you invest in dental bridges to complete your smile.

The benefits associated with getting dental bridges include restoring your ability to chew or speak regularly, strengthening your bite as the missing teeth are replaced, and preventing further damage to your existing teeth or the shifting of those teeth. Placing a dental bridge requires your adjacent teeth to be prepared and shaved down, ensuring that the bridge fits and functions properly within your mouth.

Dr Janet S. Leith our Nepean dentist will examine your teeth to assess if you are an ideal candidate for dental bridgework. Contact our office in Nepean, Ontario to set up an appointment today.

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